Sarah Hackley is a writer, editor, wife, mother, and blogger. She also suffered through two years of intractable migraine and is now a chronic migraine sufferer. If you or a loved one suffer from migraines (or any chronic illness), Sarah Hackley’s blogs are a great place to learn a little more.

Most of Sarah Hackley’s blog posts are found at, which is a fantastic resource in and of itself, has a host of bloggers who write regularly for them. Sarah Hackley is one of these writers. Her posts here tend to be practical, positive, and realistic. For instance, in her post Surviving Life with Intractable Migraine, Sarah Hackley offered very actionable advice:

  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Do what you love
  • See a pain doctor
  • Find a therapist
  • Find a distraction from the worst of the pain
  • Practice acceptance

Although she offered encouragement and made it clear that an intractable migraine doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a life, she was also realistic, stating:

“Living with intractable migraine is likely one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. The pain is constant; the isolation is intense. You’re fatigued, and you’ve had to give up at least some of the things you once loved… You’re also probably experiencing some level of anxiety and/or depression. This isn’t to say, however, that it’s hopeless or that you can’t get through it. You can. I know, because I did – twice.”

This is what most of Sarah Hackley’s posts are like: honest and straightforward, but with a healthy dose of positivity. Her work is great for those days when you need to find something that you can do to battle your own migraines – or for when a loved one has just been diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Sarah Hackley also has a few other blogs.

At, Sarah wrote about all sorts of personal experiences with migraines, from medications to breastfeeding. This blog isn’t active anymore, but the content is good enough to make it worth sifting through the archives. One of the most touching posts in this blog is An Open Letter to My Pre-Migraine Self. If you (or a loved one) have suffered with any chronic illness, especially migraines, this post might just bring you to tears.

Sarah Hackley also maintains a blog that covers all the little day-to-day things that present the biggest challenges to everyone, migraines or not, like motherhood, balancing work and life, and managing time. She covers these topics from the perspective of someone with chronic migraines, so they’re a great way to figure out how to handle life in general when you’re dealing with a chronic illness like migraines. For instance, she gives permission for you to let go of all the unnecessary things in your life, so that you can save your energy and attention for what really matters.

Originally this blog was called Practically Chronic, but it’s since been relocated to Sarah Hackley’s personal website.

Sarah Hackley has also published three books so far.

For people with migraines, the most appealing of her books will probably be Finding Happiness with Migraines: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. According to reviewers, this book is also applicable to almost any other chronic illness or mental disorder – not just migraines. It can be purchased as an e-book through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or bought as a PDF file and sent to your email through Absolute Love Publishing. This publishing house, by the way, is also where Sarah Hackley works as the in-house editor.

Aside from migraine-related works, Sarah Hackley has also published Women Will Save the World, which looks at the impact women have had on history. She’s also published a book of poetry called The Things We Lose.

You can find Sarah Hackley on several social media platforms.

Sarah posts updates when she puts out a new blog post, so following her will help you keep up-to-date on her writing. Also, she sometimes does book signings, readings, or talks, and her followers on social media are kept up-to-date on when and where this happens. While a lot of her activity is about migraines or migraine-related blog posts, she mixes it up with posts about writing, motherhood, books, and all sorts of other topics.

You can follow Sarah Hackley on Facebook or Twitter. She’s also on Pinterest, where she has a diverse collection of boards on everything from food to fitness to her kids. In fact, her Pinterest account may just be the perfect example of why we love Sarah Hackley so much.

Sarah Hackley not only encourages people with migraines to continue living their lives to the fullest – she also embodies this advice.

A lot of Sarah Hackley’s work is migraine-related or illness-related, but a lot of it isn’t. However, as Sarah herself says in a post called Lessons from Disney: Migraines, Fairy Tales, and Growing Up with Ariel:

“I can’t change the fact that I have migraine disease, nor can I change the fact that, so far, there’s no cure. Sadly, I can’t bring about the world of my dreams. I can, however, make the best of the one I’m in, and amazingly that’s often enough… In the course of growing up, I’ve realized something… My happiness is not dependent on living a dream, but on deciding to be happy in spite of the reality.”

And, indeed, Sarah does make the best of the life she has, despite her migraines. She cares about so much more and writes about so much more, providing a bit of inspiration to those who feel that migraines (or other chronic illnesses) are taking over their lives.

Have you read any of Sarah Hackley’s work?

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