You may have noticed a new name around these parts.

We were formerly Red Rocks Rehab, but have recently changed our name to Pain Doctor. Don’t worry–you’ll be seeing the same great doctors and caring staff at our clinics. The name change, instead, is an indicator of our renewed focus on all types of pain management, with the whole patient in mind.

What will drive us going forward is the “Mom and Dad Test.” 

Basically, is the care that we’re providing something we would want for our mom or dad if they were in pain? If the answer is yes, we know we’re providing the highest quality care we possibly can. It’s care that’s both comprehensive and compassionate.

In order to achieve this, we know that we have to work with a team-based approach in mind. From interventional treatments to alternative therapies, we hope to confront your pain with our entire team’s knowledge on your side.

The other component of this new focus is our reexamined stance on opioid medications. While opioids do have a place in pain management, we believe that they can be over-prescribed. Moreso, many of the side effects of opioid medications don’t warrant their use with a number of pain conditions. Beyond side effects are the very real risks of abuse, dependence, and overdose. So, while Pain Doctor will still be using opioids for pain management, they will be prescribed only after careful consideration and once other treatment options have been exhausted.

If you’re in pain, you can schedule an appointment today to talk to a dedicated pain doctor

We treat a variety of pain conditions, including:

You can see all of the pain conditions we treat on our revamped Conditions page. Likewise, you can learn about many of the treatments we use–from cutting edge regenerative therapies to time-honored acupuncture practices–to help you manage your pain by heading over to our Treatments page. We offer these 2 areas of our site as a source of information for you to use when making choices about your healthcare options. All information provided is based on peer-reviewed studies and research.

Our renewed focus at Pain Doctor is based on providing better care for the patients in our community. It fits with our new motto as well–We Change Lives Here.

If you’re ready to change your life with pain for the better, contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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