Migraine Pain Treatment by Trustworthy, Compassionate Pain Doctors in Denver, Golden, Lakewood, Arvada, Boulder, Colorado

migraineMigraine Pain Treatments vary depending your individual patient needs. Your migraine headaches might result from the relationship between your brainstem’s interactions with the trigeminal nerve, which causes chemical imbalances.

Migraine pain specialists often hear alarming descriptions of pain and discomfort from sufferers of migraine headaches. From throbbing sensations to vice-like grips of head pain, descriptions of migraine symptoms make it easy to sympathize with the more than 25 million Americans who experience them.

Your migraines could be caused by the enlargement of blood vessels, which releases pain-causing chemicals. An “aura,” or sensory warning, sometimes precedes a migraine attack.


Migraine treatment varies depending on the patient and symptoms. Most migraine specialists try to determine environments to avoid by identifying triggers. For example, those who experience migraines when exposed to bright lights may be instructed to wear protective eyewear in the sun and consciously avoid staring into artificial light. Other common preventive lifestyle changes include avoiding certain odors and beverages, or adjusting sleeping conditions.

These preemptive strategies can help eliminate migraines all together. Your migraine specialist can prescribe preventative drugs can also help fight off migraines. Cardiovascular drugs, such as beta-blockers, and anti-depression can prevent attacks. Once migraines hit, there are number of pain management options. Anti-nausea medications, opiates, and pain relievers treat specific symptoms to reduce the discomfort of migraines. Like many internal ailments, healthy living is one of the most effective treatments. Avoiding too much stress, exercising and eating properly will reduce the chance of migraines and dismiss the need for more complicated, expensive options.5