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Frequently Asked Questions2016-11-09T09:25:50-07:00

Please see all of our frequently asked questions below. We periodically update this list based on patient’s feedback.





What Insurances do you accept?2016-11-09T09:37:05-07:00

Please see our Insurance Information page for all the details on what we accept.

How long will it take to get authorization for my procedure or MRI?2014-01-20T13:10:47-07:00

Because each insurance company has it own requirements and process for authorization, it can be hard to predict how long your authorization will take. Some only take a few days, while others can take weeks for your insurance company to approve. In certain cases, patients can significantly expedite their authorization by contacting their insurance provider directly. You can always check on the status of your authorization request by calling our Auth Department at 480-245-6181.

How early do I need to arrive for my appointment?2014-01-20T13:08:23-07:00

For clinic appointments, patients are requested to arrive fifteen minutes before their scheduled appointment time. If you are being seen by one of our providers for the first time, please arrive an additional fifteen minutes early to ensure that you have adequate time to complete our New Patient Intake paperwork. If you prefer, you can download, print and complete this paperwork prior to your visit, using this link: Click here to download our New Patient Intake Paperwork. If you bring your completed paperwork with you, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. For procedures, patients need to arrive one hour before their scheduled procedure time. It takes time to prepare for your procedure including check-in, changing, blood work, IV’s. We just want to make sure we have enough time to give you truly great care and not rush anything.

What kind of treatments do you offer?2014-01-20T13:07:55-07:00

Our doctors focus on advanced interventional pain so our office can treat nearly any kind of pain. You can count on a thorough examination and your doctor will recommend the treatment option that he or she believes will best treat your condition. As for what procedures we offer, veiw our list of traditional as well as cutting edge procedures available to our patients. You will find a complete list of procedures, pain information and a whole lot more.

Can You help?2014-05-27T17:03:52-06:00

This is a surprisingly common question. The treatment of pain requires a dedication to the patient that surpasses that in many medical fields, that is because often patients do not get better with one injection or a single medication. At Pain Doctor we are committed to sticking with you throughout your treatment with us. We believe a balanced approach is the only way to treat pain, and will do our best to help you regardless of the origin of your pain.